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Using Roll with External Microphones
Using Roll with External Microphones
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Roll works with external microphones. Please find Instructions for our recommended settings:

For iPhone/iPad microphones, plugged into lightning or usb-c:

  • We recommend using our Selfie Setup, where you only use your iPhone/iPad selfie camera (no computer pairing)

  • iPhone/iPad external mics are only useable in solo recordings, due to iPhone/iPad mics not having audio output, only audio inputs

For external microphones plugged into your laptop/computer:

  • We recommend using our Back Camera Setup, where you use your iPhone back camera, paired with your computer as a display.

  • We recommend pairing your external laptop mic with AirPods or other bluetooth headphones. Your audio output will come out of your iPhone speakers. To ensure you don't get feedback from the speakers back into your external microphone, we'd recommend connecting AirPods/bluetooth headphones to your iPhone to hear the audio.

Setup Instructions

  1. Go to on a Chrome browser on your computer, and join or start a new Roll call

  2. Once in the web call, make sure your External Microphone is selected as your Microphone Input. You can change your microphone input in the right side panel or the bottom right three dot menu > Device Settings.

  1. Make sure that your AirPods/bluetooth headphones are connected to your iPhone. Once connected, open your Roll iPhone app and connect it to your ongoing web call.

  2. Once your iPhone pairs to the web call, the primary audio stream automatically switches to the phone and you’ll notice the Microphone Input changes to AirPods

  3. On your browser web call, turn on Capture Clean Audio. You can find this option on the bottom right three dot menu > select Advanced Options. This option is only available once bluetooth headphones are connected to your iPhone. Enabling Clean Audio will automatically record from both your mobile-connected AirPods and laptop-connected External Microphone, without any feedback.

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