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Generating VFX on a Custom Clip
Generating VFX on a Custom Clip

How do I use VFX when editing?

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View your library of Roll recordings at Select the call with the video you'd like to generate a VFX clip for. Once you click into the call, you will be on the Call Details page of the call.

On Call Details page of your call, in the bottom Files section, click on the Wide Source video of the person you’d like to generate VFX for:

  • Right-click on the timeline at the timestamp where you’d like the VFX clip to start

  • Choose your custom VFX settings. Click Export.

  • You will receive an email when your export is complete, or you can check back in ~10 mins.

  • The video will show up as a “VFX Clip” in the Exports section of your Call Details page.

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