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Viewing Your Recording
Viewing Your Recording

Where did my call or recording go? How to access your recording

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Go to the Roll WebApp ( to view your recordings, source files, and processed videos.

After every recording, we automatically start processing 4 videos for you:

(1) Preview: High-res sample of all camera angles captured on call

(2) Preview - Vertical: High-res sample of all camera angles captured on call in vertical format

(3) AI Auto-Edit: High-res professional publishable cut of full recording

(4) VFX Trailer: Sample of pan, dolly, crane effects for each call participant (only generated if video taken in back camera mode with Slate). Takes about ~10-15 mins to generate.

On the Roll WebApp (, click into the thumbnail of the call you’d like to view to enter your Call Details page. You’ll see the following tabs:


  • Video & Audio Files: Local iPhone recordings of all participants (unprocessed separate tracks, no bokeh)

  • Bokeh All: Processes all video source files with our bokeh (cinematic blur), and combines video and audio tracks

  • Download All: Download all source, unprocessed files


  • AI Auto-Edit / Full High-Res Video: An AI-powered professional edit of your recording that is ready for publishing. We use Roll AI to process your recordings and analyze your content’s metadata to automatically create a full hi-res video, complete with high-quality bokeh, scene changes tuned to your conversation, and reframing guests in the best possible way.
    Note: Roll AI is still learning so let us know when you see anything that doesn’t look right.

  • Shot Trailers: For each recording, you will now also get a trailer of all available camera angles and video quality, so you can get a quick preview of your recording without having to wait for the full auto-edit. You’ll get an email when that is available and you can always find this content on Roll in the browser.

  • Low-Res Preview: Roll will also automatically generate a low-res quick preview video so you can review your content.


  • VFX Trailer: If you recorded a back camera video with Slate, we automatically generate a VFX sample video of your content. See yourself pan, dolly, and crane!

Note: VFX trailers take ~10-15 mins to process. You will get an email when its ready, or you can check back to view.

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