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Super Quick Start: Record with VFX in 10 Steps
Super Quick Start: Record with VFX in 10 Steps

Quick start guide to recording your first Roll video with VFX in 10 easy steps

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You downloaded the Roll App and you're ready to record!

Follow this easy guide to record a Roll video complete with VFX in just 10 easy steps.

NOTE: VFX requires recording on the Back Camera (Phone paired with Computer) and a Slate.

  1. From a Chrome browser on your computer, go to and start a New Call. You will join the call in Black & White (Producer Mode).

  2. Launch the Roll iOS app on your iPhone and join your call in progress. You’ll start in Selfie.

  3. On your phone, flip to the Back Camera. You’ll see your back cam feed on your computer.

  4. Frame yourself in the center of your view. If you have a Pro Phone, you can turn on Multicam Mode by clicking the (+) camera on your browser thumbnail, and you’ll see it start to cycle b/w your tele (3x/2x) and wide (1x) lenses.

  5. Record a 20-30 sec clip of yourself.

  6. At the end of the recording, it will ask you to Slate. Enter Slate.

  7. How to Slate: Step out of the camera view for 3 seconds (to record a background plate). Return and click Done to end the Slate and recording.

  8. Your recording will be uploaded to the cloud automatically for processing.

  9. Go to the to view your recordings. We start processing 3 videos for you: (1) 30s High-Res Trailer of all camera angles, (2) AI Auto-Edit of Full Recording, (3) VFX Trailer

  10. The VFX Trailer takes 15-20 mins to process. Return to in ~15 mins to view.

For more on recording watch What Is Producer Mode:

and What Is MultiCam:

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