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Recommended Composition and VFX

How to capture the best shots with minimal effort, just placement!

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Have you noticed the circle around your head when you are ready to record? That is there to help you with composition so the recording is flawless with that professional finish. Read below about the different ways to set up for MultiCam and Non-MultiCam recordings to ensure your recording gives you maximum options.

Non-MultiCam: For those without Pro cameras, we recommend composing for the 1x wide shot.

1X Wide Shot

Ensure nothing unwanted is in view in your wide.

More depth / large objects in scene = cooler VFX :)

MultiCam: We recommend optimizing your composition for your 3x/2x tele shot and close up shots:

(3x/2x) Tele / Closeup

Compose in the center with shoulders visible

with some space above the head

Recording Your Video

  • Invite anyone else into your video call, by copying and sending the Roll URL in your browser.

  • Once all guests are composed and well lit, hit the Record button to start and stop recording.

Recording a Slate - REQUIRED FOR VFX

Once you stop a recording, you will automatically be prompted to record a Slate. A Slate is a template we use to capture an empty background shot (plate) and audio sample from your room.

You can enter Slate mode in 2 ways:

  1. Follow the automatic prompts at the end a recording

  2. Launch Recording checklist from bottom menu of web call, and proceed to Step 3: Slate

How to record a Slate:

  • Have all participants on the call step out of camera view completely for 3 seconds

  • Return to view, say your name, count 1, 2, 3, and clap

  • End recording

Automatic Uploads

Once you end your recording, all participant files will automatically start syncing to the cloud. Uploads will continue as long as the Roll app remains open on participants’ phones - the app does not need to be active, can be in the background. Just please do not kill the app while upload occurs.

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